Bitmap based brushes- howto

Hello, i’m thinking about buyng Toon boom to be able to replace very old creature house expression + livingcels to create animated backgrounds for my animations.
I use a custom technique, usually animating characters in 3d, an making backgrounds using vectorial strokes based on bitmap rendered images…
Here are some still images examples:!/album.php?aid=23233&id=120996867915294
so, what i would need, is :
to import a png bitmap
to use them as a custom vectorial brush

i would also appreciate anyone pointing me to any other modern animation software to do it

Animate pro does textured brushes.

Is it possible to create new shapes for the brush tool? I can’t seem to find an answer.

I suggest that you download the Animate Pro 2 PLE and try out the textured brush to see if it does what you need.

The way that the textured brushes work in Animate Pro is that you can load in any custom TGA file or PSD file. It will then apply the texture as a tiled bitmap on your brush. This tiled bitmap will decide the transparency.

You can create your own brush by doing the following. With the brush tool active, go to your tool properties view. Click on the pencil with the plus sign next to it to add a new brush. Below the brush properties click on the check box for “Enable Texture”. Under where it says “Texture” there is a button with n/a written on it. Click on this button and it will allow you to browse to the location of the texture file on your system.

The way that the textures work is that black is going to be solid and white is going to be transparent.

Now, in addition to the texture in the application of the brush, you can also load a textured COLOUR pot. What this will do is it will draw with the applied texture as its colour. To do this, simply go to the Colour view and click on the plus button with a T on it to add a texture. Browse to a TGA or PSD file on your hard system.

Play around with these two options and see whether they are what you need.