bitmap and cpu

Hi, I’m in pre-production of a feature film using harmony premium. at the studio, we use not so modern PCs, and things are more or less ok, even though pretty slow. At home, on my 2011 macbook pro running 10.8.6, I’m having much bigger difficulties loading scenes with usage of bitmap drawings. (Not to mention if I use 3D capabilities of the drawings) would upgrading my old mac’s drive to a ssd drive make a difference?
I like the bitmap brushes, but I’d like to know if it’s reasonable to imagine making full scenes in bitmap traditional animation, or if it’s more reasonable to use vector brushes with bitmap inside, which if course, is not quite the same. Having big files is not an issue as long as everything works smoothly, I’d hate to encourage the animators to go bitmap if this is a risky business.
Is harmony really capable of doing this? is this only possible with very fast computers?

Your system’s graphic card’s memory will determine how large and how
many bitmap drawings it can handle.
Same for loading and working with 3D objects.

To optimise what your system’s graphic card can handle, use only one monitor.
The graphic card resources are split between the amount of displays the card
needs to handle.

You can disable the Aero desktop theme to reclaim some of these resources
back from Windows for systems with low-end graphics. To do this, right-click
the Desktop, select “Personalize” and scroll to the bottom to select one of the
“Basic & High-Contrast” Themes instead.

It’s also affected by what else is open on the computer such as other software
using graphics (such as Photoshop for example) and which web pages are open
in the internet browser(s).

Beyond that, make sure that the auto light table is not accidentally being left on
after it’s no longer needed. Transparency-based effects are inherently “costly” for
the system’s graphic card to process.

Lastly, another thing that can affect performance is having toolbars in Harmony
that show the “>>” symbol (meaning there are other toolbar icons for which
there is not enough space to show all completely. To fix it, just rearrange the
toolbars so that all are entirely shown.

thank you very much for these suggestions that I’ll try right away, I’m on a mac, so I’m not sure if that aero mode you mentioned is relevant but I’ll try and see if there’s something equivalent, thx again