Big Sur


does toonboom story board pro is MacOS 11 Big Sur ready ?
I tried the software on the operating system’s BETA, it looked like TBSP crashed each time I selected the brush tool.

Is it fixed ? does it works ? will it work latter with a patch ? You are still thinking about making a patch are not ?

I didn’t found anything about that subject on your pages / forum.

thank you for your support.


just upgraded to big sur with SBPRO20 - now I have so much lag when drawing that the program is unusable . I have contacted support.
But I am starting to agree with comments here - Toon boom seem to be behind when it comes to updates.
My basic requirement is that I can draw without any latency. Any lag and I am a broken story artist.

I completely relate to your frustrations with ToonBoom always being behind MacOS updates.
Adobe CC suite is actually ok.
All the other creative software I have is ok.

ToonBoom? Nope.
It’s at this point I start looking at its competitors.


I’m sorry you have issues with Mac OS updates.

Please contact for issues related to Big Sur.



Every time MAC OS updates, this happens. Toon Boom usually comes out advising whether people should upgrade. Has anyone seen any press release or anything?

Why is Toon Boom the only software that never seems to work when an update happens?
My laptop auto updated and now I can’t open any of my files. Thankfully my desktop machine hasn’t, so I guess I have to transfer all my files and work from there tomorrow. What a pain.

As is always the case, always assume Toon Boom won’t work with updates. I’m not sure why this is always the case, but it is.

I met the same problem today!
I upgraded my iMac to macOS Big Sur and I can not open all my .sborad files.

For hours of trying I find a way to open the file:
1,Create a new project (make sure the size and the framerate fit with the file you want to open)
2,Clik File -->Project Management–>Merge…
3,Select the file you want to open ,and click Ok
4,Finally! the file opened!

But notice that if you save and close the file you can not open it again!
It’s not a perfect solution but it’s seems to be the only way to open the file for now.

There’s an unofficial Big Sur patch you could try, is still being tested I believe, contact TB Support to try get it/use it, good luck.