Big problems upgrading to Vista

Hi guys, I did an upgrade from XP 32 bit to Vista Business 64 bit. I know Toon Boom works best with 32 bit OS but I also use Premiere and After Effects and it is best to have a 64 bit OS.My version of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is 8.1.0 (4098).These are the problems I had with the software:1 - While saving my project the software crashed before finishing to write the project file. So I’ve lost all the video editing done. It seems I can’t find any recover of the project. The technical support told me to find in the project folder a file called projectname.sbp~ but I did’t find this file anywhere. I seek it in the entire pc, also in the Temp folder.2 - Every time i launch TBS a pop up error opens telling me there’s a problem with “MKS Toolkit for Win32”. Anyway I’m able to open TB.3 - I can’t modify the audio preferences in the quicktime export panel because Toon Boom always crashes.I really need some help, please.Are all these OS problems or not? Is it best to upgrade Toon Boom to a more recent version? I red in another post that Toon Boom works ok with Windows 7. Probably the solution is to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit and upgrade Toon Boom to the last version?Thanks!

1- Work on the local hard drive not from an external drive or network location.2- Related to running on 64-bit O.S.3- Quicktime does not have a 64-bit version yet and this error is due to that.If possible, install on 32-bit Windows.

mmhhh, I think it should be obvious that the best working way is to work on the local hard drive, and of course I do so but I didn’t file this projectname.sbp~ file anyway.My question about quicktime was because with all other applications it works great, it only has problems with Toon Boom… ???Thanks for the help but my first question still has no answer: if I upgrade Toon Boom to the last version and the OS to Seven will I fix all these problems??Thanks

This audio options problem was as a result of an upgrade that was made to Quicktime that caused a problem with the way Toon Boom applications interface with Quicktime. The options are to either downgrade to an older version of quicktime or to make sure that you download the latest version of toon boom software.