Big Problem help the noob

ok im new still and i have one ploblem ok, i start creating my drawing and once im done i try and makin it so that the camera can see it . but once i click the camera tab in the timeline, it doesn’t show my picture i drew… pls help me pls !!! ;D

Welcome to using TB Studio. Here are a couple of suggestions that you might check out which might be the source of your problem.

First off you want to be sure that you are switching from “drawing” view to “camera” view before you try to click on the Camera track label in the timeline. There are two ways to do this:

1. From the menu choose Window>Camera View. This will switch your main window pane from drawing view to camera view and you can then select the Camera track label in the time line and you will see your elements for the current frame in camera view.

2. An alternate way to switch from drawing view to camera view is to click on the movie camera icon which is the second icon from the top in the right hand corner of your main window pane. There is a stack of four icons shown which can be used to switch the contents of that pane. They are drawing view, camera view, side view and top view.

This is most likely why you are not seeing your drawing when you select the camera track label in the timeline.

There are other possibilities assuming that you are not in drawing view but instead in camera view.

One possibility is that the track label for your drawing’s element has been un-checked in the track label list of the timeline. If this is the case then just “check it” in the little check box next to the track label name and it will now be visible. (This feature allows you to include or exclude elements in the rendered output of Toon Boom. Checked tracks are included while unchecked tracks are excluded.)

Another possibility is that you are trying to view a frame in the timeline other than the frame to which you assigned your drawing. To verify this in camera view be sure that the vertical red frame indicator is lined up on the frame to which you assigned your drawing. If it is on a different frame then you will not see your drawing unless it is also assigned to that frame.

Hope this helps-JK