BG Pan Mystery


I’m new to Harmony; so this may be a very simple solution for you.
I imported a background layer and added a peg to it. I moved the peg
with art to the right, inserted a keyframe. Moved to frame 200, moved peg to the left, added ending position with keyframe. I played it
thinking, BG artwork pans from right to left. But, I got an added BONUS, the BG also slowly drifted from center moving slowly up in N.

Again; I am new to this. I have checked all my settings, but couldn’t find anything. It was all working earlier in the day, but now its a Mystery to me…

Can anyone help me?

Hi Jimrtoon

Delete your keyframes. Make sure Advanced Animation toolbar is activated. Go to top meny -Windows -Toolbars and make sure to cheque of Advanced Animation. Now make sure animation mode is turned on
( yellow running man). Use the Translate tool to place the layer in its start and end positions. There are some good video tutorials, go to the resources tab on top of this forums page and select -animating resources and -videotutorials. There is also a tip of the week on youtube. For understanding the animation tools and get a predictable result you should always place the pivot point before you start animating.

Best regars

Thanks Ivan,

Its the little things that cause trouble like this, however your suggestion did the trick. I’m working on Harmony 9.2.

Thanks again,