bezier handles for motion paths

I know you can control a path using the tension, continuity, and bias options, but they are not very intuitive and are buried in a tab. this seems to be found across all of TB’s products. can bezier handles be added to the control points of a path in a similar fashion to what one would find in after effects? this really really speeds up the process as there is instant visual feedback of what you are doing to a path.

want to know too…

yes yes yes! Totally agree!!

Yep, I agree, I also want to have this feature!
bezier handles for motion paths.

I would really like that! Please add this a bit similar to after effects!

Now we have to make enough keyframes to get a certain path along which something moves, but with some handles on the keyframes its much easier to shape path of the motion.

(and the ease in /out etc can be done in separate graph, like it is now)

yes yes yes to bezier handles

however theres a few more things that would improve this aspect

You should be able to access ease in/out by a right click (to bring up a window or ctrl click on the bezier point - why open a second window for the ease curves if your only applying it to one layer?

Also - After effects has the ability to select two motion keys - then right click to specify whether its a linear, bezier or auto bezier curve. This should be the fist step, with finer adjustments via bezier handles as a second step.

(Adobe breaks this type of stuff down into spatial and temporal (path and time) - its a vastly quicker way to set parameters as you can access both parameters at the same time - not in different parts of the interface)

eg: im currently doing some pieces that reference arcade games - im spending more time making my paths straight via untold motion control points than i am actually animating