Bezier editor zoom

Hi can someone describe how to zoom in horizontally in the bezier editor? The 2 key makes the whole window get big. I just need to zoom in horizontally.

Thanks a ton for any help.


Bezier editor uses the same screen navigation commands from Camera view. 1, 2 key or mouse scroll zooms in and out.
You can hold spacebar to invoke hand tool.

Thanks yueda1984. I’m aware of those zoom functions. Problem is when I zoom in to a small horizontal segment, the vertical gets so big that it’s hard to work with.
I accidentally hit a keystroke once that gave me a horizontal zoom perfectly, but I can’t replicate the move.

I didn’t know either but apparetly short cut keys 3,4,5,6 let you zooms in and out separately in vertical and horizontal direction. these key must be the ones you accidentally found before.

Of course! I must have hit one of those accidentally.
Thanks for the knowledge!