Better GUI? I beg YOU

Really toonBoom is great but th GUI is ugly it’s time to make better GUI for Mac TB!!!

I agree with zadlo.

I’d love to use animate with a new user interface (when I open Animate and see these icons, it seems a toy more than a professional and powerful tool).

I like Adobe’s (CS5) UI, customizable and clean, or Motion 5 (or FCP X): simple and clear.
I mean: in Animate 2 each Tool is in a shadowed circle, Why ?

Sorry but Toon Boom’s UI looks old and need a serious refresh, imao.

I would love to be able to tear off the subtools in the tools menu for easy access. While painting, I am constantly digging through that paint bucket switching between tools. Having the buttons there for quick access would really speed me up. Now it’s a “drag”. Get it?

What would you like to see change in the GUI?


Get it! We actually have added in Harmony and Storyboard Pro the ability to set your drawing toolbar to a flat toolbar, which you can then customize - which removes that nesting. We can bring these changes to Animate and Animate Pro as well.