Better/ Best type of Export

Hello again.

OK so I am at the point where I am starting to export my first production. I have seemed to come accross a problem. Would like some answers if anyone can help.

First off is there a difinitive read on the best means to export?

On to the problem. When I do a quick view under the play menu it takes about 20 minutes to setup and play what I currently have but it is very clear.

When I go to the actual Export menu I have tried several different types of exports. Quick Time seems to export Ok but is very grainy, not cxlose to the quick view version.

Flash doesn’t seem to work? Is this possible? I assumed that this is what the quick export uses when it does it thing? Flash never seems to get started. It stays at 0% from the get go. I haven’t let it sit for more than 10 minutes or so and it always crashes when I try to cancel it. Is there a delay when producing a Flash Export before it would show as even 1% complete?

Currently I want to be able to play it back on my machine to an audience. So a simple icon I can click on and wait till it loads then press play when they arrive will work.

Eventually I will want it optimized for web viewing but not for a while yet and I may upgrade before that happens to Animate.

For the best quality of the movie, uncompressed is the best since it is not compressed. However the file size is huge. H.264 is small and relatively good quality depending on how you will use it for the movie. You can export it as low res to make a file size smaller. But all render uses up the hardware resources. If your project is too large (and long), you should cut it into many scenes so that it can be rendered without crashing. Then use any editing software to put them together. Speaking of editing software in general, exporting sequence of images (ex, TGA, PNG) are good format to import it to editing software and create a movie from there. My 2 cents