better 2 screen support

Just a simple request :slight_smile:

better support for 2 screens.

1.Focus on mouse enter on second screen doesn’t work. an it’s frustrating to have to click on the area first.

  1. windows saved in work space on second screen don’t return to their position

my set up is mac book pro 2.3 i7 running mavericks as the second screen.


There is no support at all for dual displays as of this moment according to Toon Boom Support.

You can manually set it up every time you start the software but you cannot save a workspace unless you are okay with having the Camera/Drawing/Scene window on the secondary display and the menus on the main display.

This is not the deal breaker however not having the operating system menu on the display with the Camera/Drawing/Scene window is for me.

So I am also in favor of support for dual display workspaces.