BetaBugs are on the way!

This is just a short intro to a short film I’m doing called BetaBugs. This is my first completed clip and I’m proud of it. Learned a lot creating it! Would love to hear feedback!


Nice work :wink:

Looks very interesting. If I’m not mistaken, those rascally little bugs are going to get up to all sorts of nonsense. Background and color scheme look great. The voice sounded somehow of a different quality to the sound effects. Is the voice “dry” and uncompressed?


Bob thanks for the feedback. Yes, the voice over and sound effects are not from the same source; I got the sound effects from the Free Sound Project website and I recorded the voice myself and changed the pitch. I’m unsure what you mean by ‘dry and uncompressed,’ can you elaborate? Also, in your opinion, does the difference between the quality of the voice and sound effects detract from the animation?

I really appreciate the feedback.

Hi Mike

First off, what I know about sound can be written on an extra small size postage stamp. Plus, I always struggle getting the sound right in my own animations and frequently give up at the "satisfactory stage ( that’s my own “satisfactory-stage” which is set lower than most of the rest of the world) . Having said that, I’ve noticed that when you use “pre-packed” sound effects they have usually been manipulated after recording, among other things, by adding reverb and compression. For example, the sound effect may contain reverb to imitate the sound made in a large room, if you then follow the sound effect with a voiceover that has been recorded at home in a fairly “absorbent” room, with no equivalent reverb added, it may stand out as being “punched in”.

Does it effect the animation? No it’s still excellent animation and pretty good sound.

Hope this makes some sense…


I like the art style, especially the background. The desaturated colors and shading really make the flat colored character stand out. Well done.

I agree adding a little reverb to the voice would be nice, but more importantly is adjusting volume levels. The sound effects should be softer which make the voice fit better.

But yeah it was cool. Was fun to watch.