Beta Cost... What about the full release?

Hey there-

First just wanna say thanks for the work you guys are putting into this software - I appreciate the improvements being made.

Now, this is just to clarify things before I download and pay, but if we participate in the beta for $60 I am assuming the finalized version will be a free update from the beta? I haven’t actually seen this in writing anywhere, so I just want to make sure.



Hi Chris,

Thank for your comments we all appreciate it. We do work hard to please as many customers as possible.

Yes, of course you will get the V3 for free with this purchase. This is just an early upgrade program. If you planed to buy V3 now is the good time. With the key you will receive you can unlock to beta and the next commercial release of Toon Boom Studio.

Keep on tooning !!!


Thanks for confirming!

Haha - I suspected that would be the case, but just wanted to be careful. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!