Best Written Learning Tool for Essentials?

I want to go through one of the comprehensive guides to study Harmony like a text book.

So what is the difference between the “documentation” found here ( and the “userguides” found here? ( Do they contain the same identical material or are one of these more comprehensive and in depth than the other?

I also plan on going thru the tutorial videos offered. Any other suggestions for videos are appreciated!


Have you heard about this (5 star) book by Adam Phillips:


The downloads are the same material. The online user guide is set up with multiple crosslinked paths to information which is helpful. I have a permanent license and the documentation downloads with the software. I do not know how it is with a subscription.

If you can invest a little money Digital Tutors has a monthly subscription that you can utilize to get acquainted with TB software and general animation principles using TB software. However it is not Essentials-specific so you will have to weed out the tools referenced that do not come with Essentials. It is worth subscribing for at least one month. You can always stop after a month then pick it up again later after digesting the information or when you have more time to take advantage of it.

He is using Harmony 11 (as of this moment) but you can also gain a lot from watching Jon Taylor’s ongoing Minion series on Youtube.

If you search for tutorials using Animate you will be able to see how things are done using layers instead of nodes. Toon Boom has a few videos showing a lesson using Animate’s layer approach then Animate Pro/Harmony setting up the same effect with nodes.

I watch everything including things in languages I don’t understand. There is something to gain from all of the different presentations.

Thank you ampy this is all excellent info-- bookmarking this page!!