best way to tweak lip synch?

So far, lip synch has worked pretty well, but there are still some cells I wanted to tweak to match the audio better. However, when I try scrubbing through on the timeline, something seems a little off–when I get to the end of my clip the audio ends early. When I hit ‘play’, there are extra cells that show up towards the end, like the mouth is still talking but the words at the end are cut off. Is there an easy way to fix this? I’m importing quicktime files with a framerate of 29.97 for my sound & under ‘Animation Properties’ my frame rate is set to 12. The timing is fine when I export, but that doesn’t help me to edit the mouths within toon boom.


Actually, I think I solved this–I think my monitor is too big/I don’t have enough RAM & there was a lag. By making the window smaller the sound & picture matched up much much better.