Best way to output vector stills for print?

When a client asks for still artwork from the cartoon to be used for print, I figure that should be easy enough. Toonboom Studio is a vector program, and printers love vector files like PDF or EPS.

However, there’s no option for PDF or EPS in the snapshot or movie export area.

Here’s what I’ve had to do. Please correct me if there’s a better way!

1) Export Movie > Flash Movie (SWF). I export just the single frame I want.

2) Import the SWF to Flash.

3) Export FXG image from Flash.

4) Open FXG in Illustrator and save as PDF.

In my copy of TB Studio 6 there is a print to PDF.

Go to top menu: -File -Print and a pop up menu appears.

Cross of for: _Current scene: Camera view, -One DRawing Per Page -Page from… To …

Just to give myself a challenge and improve my skills designing inTB Studio
I once designed a couple of posters and exported them to PDF this way.
The Printshop had no problems with the files. But because of the limited design tools in TB Studio I usually do artwork destined for print in other apps.
You can also export a flip book with this option. Also Storyboard-like pdf’s with rows and columns . Nice feature!

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Interesting – I hadn’t seen this export function before.

Unfortunately, although you can create a PDF this way, it won’t contain vector information. Instead, it’s a raster image wrapped in a PDF. So no good for blow-ups.

There’s also “export drawing to pdf” but it’s only for a single drawing, not the camera view. Also, the results are vector, but junked up around the edges.

That is correct because the camera view will have effects that do not get picked up in the pdf, but your pdf should be true to your actual drawing so if it does not appear correct to you, you can contact to test it.