Best way to import loads of layers?

Hi guys, just starting out and have a question.
I was just having a mess about with chopping up old hand drawn jpegs in photoshop, sticking bits on different layers .eg a head on one layer, body on another, legs below that etc. If saved as a certain file; (psd, pdf, png) can I import the whole file at once into Studio? As in all the layers are imported at once and are on seperate layers like the photoshop file.

Is there a ‘best way’ to do this?
I’ve had a go at importing the psd and i think a png file and although on a layer they are all on the same layer. I think I imported it as a vector with texture.
Not stressing about it but thought one of you bright sparks might know if it was possible! :smiley:


The most efficient way would most likely to create yourself a script inside of Photoshop that would export each layers as a different file and then import those files inside Toon Boom Studio. Else then that I guess you could simply do the editing inside Toon Boom Studio following the tutorial JK wrote or the one from the tips and tricks section.

Best regards,


Thanks for your help, I’ll give it a try. 8)