Best way to get line with grainy edges


I am currently ding faux Navajo sand painting animation. Some of you have already helped me out in my previous thread Faux Sand Painting Animation and I am good with that part. However, I still need to resolve one minor issue.

The lines look to smooth so I would like to make the lines appear as if they are made from sand. Basically, I would like to have the edges of the lines appear grainy.

I’m sure there are several ways to achieve that.

What would be the best way to do this?

Thank you in advance…

PS - I obviously did try to work with burs, but it’s not exactly the look I’m hoping to achieve.

if you are using pro, then textured brushes.

Hi Raider,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I did try that (I have Animate PRO) but the texture is only inside the stroke and edges are still smooth. Or am I missing some setting?

basically you need to make a sand like texture in a paint program to apply as the texture.

For what you are doing, i would just trace around the outline with it.

Yes the edges will still be smooth cause it is a brush, but bits should “missing” because it is a texture. Then add a tiny amount of blur.


Yes, I do know about the textured brushes. That was one of the first things I’ve tried. But the texture is only inside of the line. What I’m trying to do is make the two outer borders of the line appear grainy. In other words, I want the line to look as if it is a line of sand. Right now I am using actual sand texture for the lines (by applying the cutter module) and for the GB, but the look I’m getting is as if I painted a smooth line over a photograph of sand.

Another thing that I’ve also tried right away is to blur the edges of the line. That’s an improvement but not quite right.

I am starting to think that perhaps it is not possible to do exactly what I want. But perhaps I’m still just missing something

There are two types of texture - texture pots that you import through the Colour View, and texture Brushes.

What you probably did was import a colour pot. What you should try instead is to use a texture brush. With the brush tool selected, in your tool properties, you’ll see a dropdown list with a bunch of brushes you can try. Try out one of the textured brushes and see if that produces the look that you like.

As TheRaider said, you can always also make your own texture and bring it in. Just make sure you bring it in through the Brush tool’s Tool Properties, by clicking on “Enable Texture” then clicking on the n/a box which will pop up a window where you can search for your texture.


Here I’ve done a screen shot to try to help you out:

See the thing is that what you have done using the Colour Override is the same thing as you would do if you simply use a Texture Pot without adding a Texture Brush in your brush tool properties. In order to get the look you want, you need to do BOTH.

The “Enable Texture” option in the tool properties of the brush tool will allow you to load in a texture that will control the OPACITY or transparency of your line. So I just made a quick texture in Photoshop by creating a new file, adding a new layer and deleting the white background layer, then making a sand-type texture that has some transparent areas and some filled areas.

Then I loaded this into my texture brush. Of course, you would have to have this set up BEFORE you draw - you can’t apply a texture brush to a line after the fact.

Then I use the Colour Pots (or Colour Override if you prefer that way) to fill in the COLOUR of the line.

I hope this explanation and screenshot helps a bit.