Best Way to Draw new Cells while working with Bones

Hi Guys

I have a question about working with the Bone Tool in Conjunction with drawing some Elements Frame by Frame.

I have this Girl Character here. Now, lets say i want to make an Animation of her brushing through her Hair. I might would try to make the Movement of the Arm solely with Bones, but obviously the Hair reacting to the Hand would have to be animated Frame by Frame.

The Problem is now, that as soon as i go out of the Bone Manipulate Tool and onto the Drawing Layer and select my Brush Tool, the Layer goes back to the Spot where i rigged it originally before putting it together. This makes it quite hard for me to coordinate the Frame by Frame Action with the Bone Movement of the Arm…

Is there any way to draw additional Cells to a Drawing Layer but the Placement of the Drawing stays where it is at the current Frame despite being rigged with Bones?



Thanks for your reply… I don’t understand what you mean exactly though. The Head probably won’t be in the exact starting Position as the starting Frame, because it’s attached to a Bone as well. The trouble is that, with a Bone-Rigged Character, when i try to draw an additional Frame while animating it, the Character splits apart again when i switch back to the Drawing Tools from the Bone Manipulators, so its getting hard to coordinate my additional Drawings with the Action currently happening with the Bone Animation… hope that makes Sense…

In the drawing view, use the grid to make sure that your drawings in the head element (layer) are all the same scale and are in the same position.

If you are still stuck - please explain the process you are following to create these other head drawings and don’t leave out any steps/details.

To add to what rkriz is describing, keep in mind that everything about what you draw is recorded by the software. So if you draw a part off to a side of the screen the software records its position relative to the center. If a head is drawn detached from the neck where it will eventually be placed the software will recall its position where it was drawn. Particularly with rigging you will see problems like you are experiencing if you create drawings randomly all over the screen. I believe relative position data can be updated by repositioning drawings and saving them properly respecting certain parameters.

Are you drawing the replacement head in the same scale and position in a later frame of the original head element or are you doing something differently?

Normally if you do it the way I mentioned, the head should be at the same position and scale as the drawing it is replacing.