best way to attach a character to an object and vice versa

As per title

What is the best way to attach a character to an object and vice versa for animation purposes.

eg1. Attach a character to a surfboard and character follows the board.

eg2. Attaching a walking cane to a character.

I am not certain of the best/correct ways to do. So enlighten me on the best method :slight_smile:

Are they attached together for the entire length of the scene, or just for a part of it? The simplest way would simply be to parent one to the other. Drag one on top of the other in the timeline, then when you move the parent, the child move too. If you need them to have independent motion, however, you will have to animate the parent first then go back and animate the child.Another way of doing it would be to create a peg, and make the peg a parent of both objects. Then, you can animate the peg and both object will move. You can then also animate both drawings on their own drawing layers for independent motion.Hope that helps.~LillyToon Boom Support

They are methods I have used. I was just checking there wasn’t some method I was missing.I assume for say running with a sword and throwing it the parent method would be best since with animate you should be rendering out scene by scene you can just remove visibility of the object if your finished with it for the rest of the scene. While the peg method is good for moving a bunch of characters in a car or something along those lines.Once I finish my initial project I am considering making a few toonboom tutorials for youtube or something since although the initial ones are good they are brief since they have to cover everything and the ones currently I can find are pretty poor in quaility. So I want to make sure I am doing things the best way, nothing worse than giving out bad advice!