best way (or any way!) to import text

what is the best way to import text files (or fonts) into harmony 14?

trying to use a particular font for titles that is not available in my harmony 14 font menu.

i’ve read somewhere that harmony will only use Open Type Fonts. (True Type too?)
the fonts i have been given appear to be all Post Script fonts, some of which have the OTF extension.

so- i’ve tried saving creating my titles in AI 10 (toon boom docs say harmony only tolerates “legacy” aka pre CS/10 or older?).
in harmony the ai file is ghosted out with import > file, but import > swf, ai into library seems to work, but the text layers don’t appear when dragged to the stage or timeline, whereas art/drawn layers do.


i’ve read elsewhere there is a harmony font folder that may help if the font is copied to it; if true i see nothing about it in all the documentation.

can TIFFs with alpha be used? photoshop files worked, but even imported as toon boom vectors the text appears jaggy; an old toon boom tutorial shows double-clicking to call up vectorization options but this no longer exists, correct?


are you familiar with harmony font folder that can help harmony utilize them better?
any insights on my other sub-questions?

thanks for your input,

TTF and OTF work in Toon Boom software.

You could acquire the other version of the postscript fonts or there are similar free versions of just about every font.

IMO the sub-questions are a troublesome way to get the postscript fonts to work for you. Everything would be simpler if you just replaced the PS fonts.

As far as fonts and Harmony go, your system determines what is available to Harmony. If you are using TTF and OTF, you install and activate then they should be available to Harmony.

Postscript fonts are geared for printing to postscript printers. You need to eliminate them as they do not benefit and only complicate your process with animation.