Best way of using Tone and Highlight module on a cutout character

I have build and rigged a complete cut out character (face,arm,forearm,upper and lower body etc).
Here’s the question: what is the best way of using those modules in order to shade and highlight the character. If I animate the character like moving his arms or making him jump or whatever I have to go frame by frame and adjust the highlight and tone’s mask layer. Maybe I’m missing something ?
Thank you

Thank you that have been very very helpful.
Much appreciated

Here is the Network/Node View:

Here is the result:

First thank you for the replay.
Second is Louis-g is a group? Can u show me what’s inside?


Thank you mate.
One last thing if that’s ok with you. The highlight goes to tone I understand that. But I don’t see a mask goes into them, how does that work connecting that only to the apply transform and quadmap modules? No drawing layer of a mask ?

The “Apply Peg Transformation” node uses the original cut-out-group as a mask.
Select the Peg connected to the “Apply Peg Transformation” node connected to “Highlight” or “Tone",
and move the Peg around in the viewport, or use the arrow keys (shift + arrow for bigger increments).
You’ll see the effect. Render your view.