Best video setting for retaining high res


My scenes are set to 1080, 24frames. I want to output each scene as a high resolution mov then edit them all together with in Adobe Premier (I’ll add audio in premier too).

What is the best format/settings to output from Animate Pro? I don’t want Animate to be doing the compression for me since I want to control this at the end - from Premier. I did try the “none” setting but VLC Player wouldn’t play the mov.

I suppose I could render out each frame as an image if i want total control, but this would be tedious considering my short film is over 7000 frames. Any tips?

It shouldn’t be tedious as the naming conventions should allow easy import.


You could indeed render your scenes as image sequence. As the Raider says it is rather simple.

Simply render as an image sequence in the default Frames folder location.
Your frames will be named properly along with the corresponding frame number.

Adobe Premiere will allow you to easily import these image sequences.

I recommend you to export your image sequence as *.TGA

Refer to the Animate Pro 2 user guide to learn how to export an image sequence.

Chapter 17: Exporting Your Movie Rendering Movies and Image Sequences in Animate Pro page 830

It is quite detailed and you have an entire step by step on how to do so.

Good luck!