best site to share animation clip?

hi guys
recently me and bengold of toon boom solo forum did a collaborative 2d animated clip , now i want to upload it anywhere on net to share with other guys … i hv tried myspace as well as aniboom sites but the problem is after uploading its quality goes down and i want exactly the similar quality which i hv achieved …i hv .flv file of animation clip and file size is about 22mb … please if u know better server which don’t compress ur animation clip then plz let me know , i hv also contacted toon boom support for showcase entry but couldn’t get any responce ::slight_smile:


Hey awais,

Check out That’s what I use for my tutorials because they allow huge files & are still free. I did some searching & as far as free video hosting goes I found them to be the best for me. I would imagine any free hosting site will probably compress your files to some extent, but I could be wrong. Anyway, check them out & for more ideas check out this post on the Calico Monkey blog: Will lists a whole bunch of ways to get your work seen by the masses.
Good luck

hi kdog
thank u so much for all these info , yeah that article is very informative as well , mytoon site is also very interesting … i am thinking of using just rapidshare site …why should n’t i upload original file their and provide direct link to watchers :smiley:

anyway please check it out :

i think so far it is the best quality :slight_smile: