Best settings for Tablet PC optimization

I’m using a tablet pc. – lenovo thinkpad x200 tabletI’m using version 8.5.0 which is the version my work is using.the interface tends to bog down. the drawing window will frequently get stuck, and not refresh showing additional drawn lines, until I change panels and come back. The drawn lines will then apprear having been recorded, just not scene. Also, I get boxes within the drawing panel that do in a region what I just described in the previous statement- and the immediat solution is exactly the same, change panels and return. Also, another issue is the line keeping up with my stroke. The pen responsiveness can bog down, SBpro might spin attempting to keep up and get regressively slower and experience more hiccups – it doesn’t exactly shut down, but it so often gets in my way, I feel really hampered from drawing quickly – and a program like PhotoShop or Sketchbook Pro or even One Note are alot slicker-fluid- less sticky to draw on. – Similaly, I will make a curved stroke, and the line will stick and draw a long straigh line. – when its working well, I don’t have this problem but I’m not clear about what is bogging down Storyboard Pro.I experience these problems even though the entire board is only maybe 30mb.Suggestions? -

It might be your graphic card which is an integrated Intel.I suggest downloading the newest driver from the Windows site.In Storyboard’s preferences you may want to set the Stroke Texture Quality to low (Drawing View Tab) and try the Alternate Gradient & Cutter (OpenGL tab). You will need to relaunch to see the effect it has.Try tweaking the other OpenGL settings of Storyboard Pro or your Graphic card driver. Avoid dual display if possible sincew it cuts the resources of the card in half. Set the smoothness of the strokes to low.