Best settings for importing image sequence of hand drawn animation

I’m new to the Toon Boom Family & I must agree that this software rocks.

I wanted to ask that what is the best settings for importing image sequence of hand drawn animation so that I can color it in TBA Pro?

I know it depends on the drawing, but there must be some average settings. I just need the outline.

What would be the best settings for this image? (I know the image is very light. It is in PNG format.)

Please download this drawing & try importing & then please tell me the proper settings.
Thank You.

When you’re importing a sequence of hand-drawn images in, you don’t need to take the character and put it on a transparent background. When I tried to vectorise your PNG, I ran into some problems because Animate Pro was interpreting your alpha for your transparent background as black. For the purposes of my test, I saved your file as a Targa (.tga) instead. However, I would simply recommend that when you scan, just leave the image as-is - there’s no reason to get rid of the background, and it will only confuse Animate.The other major problem is the lightness of the lines. I adjusted the vectorisation settings by double-clicking on Black and White in the import images window. From the vectorisation settings dialog, I had to turn the threshold all the way down to 5%, and even then it didn’t pick up all the lines because there really just wasn’t enough contrast for the software to know where a line was supposed to be. Some of the lines were so light that they were barely distinguishable from white. So you also have to make sure that when you’re scanning, you’re scanning with enough contrast.In general for vectorising if you want to vectorise to colour you’ll want to use the Black and White preset, then just double-click on it and adjust the threshold as necessary. Hit the Vectorise play button at the top middle to preview the current settings.Hope this helps.~LillyToon Boom Support