best quality for exported file into iMovie8 and from iMovie8

I used Toon Boom for the first time on a 2 minute animation I recently completed. I set my stage size as 500 x 375 pixels. Although the client was happy I found the export quality poor. I then imported this file into iMovie 8 and the quality went down again. Does anyone know what the optimal settings are so my TB animation will look sharp in a DVD player when exported from iMovie? Are there any other programs that work will with TB to add narration or a soundtrack? When I preview scenes in TB, they look sharp, it would be great to maintain that quality throughout the filmaking process. Thanks

Well, It all depends what you like to do and for whom you are doing it…Open TBS and have a look under Format what possibilities you already have.“500 x 375” isn’t really one of the preferred Video-formats.Use one of the common DV formats / or if you like HD, choose 1080i.Format Rectangular Size Square SizeDV NTSC…720x480…720x540DV PAL…720x576…768x576HDV 720p…NA…1280x720HDV 1080i…NA…1920x1080Stay with your chosen format in TBS and iMovie…Export from TBS as QuickTime, either in Animation or AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec),or export as image-sequence (PNG, TIFF or PSD) / open these image-sequence in QuickTime “Pro” / and import those files into iMovie…From iMovie export directly to iDVD or Toast / both will take care of the appropriate compression.I guess one can use iMovie for voiceover and soundtrack editing, otherwise use Audacity, Amadeus or else for voiceover, and import those files into iMovie.Anyway, personally, I would recommend creating all new projects in HDTV 1920 x 1080…(leaving plenty of room for exporting later to any smaller size if necessary)CheersNolan

Thanks Nolan: This is great advice. I will try it out and let you know if it all works out. Thanks again, much appreciated :slight_smile: