Best Practices for Hookups/Transitions Between Scenes

Hi Storyboard Pro Pros!

When moving the camera through a scene in SBP20, I’m having trouble taking the contents of the camera’s OUT view and starting a new scene with that content.

Please see video - I’d like to be able to pause the camera at the end of the previous scene and somehow copy the contents into the following scene, so can start where I left off. I’m finding myself scrubbing between the two and trying to line things up, which seems like a very inefficient way to accomplish what I’m after.

(The reason I don’t just do the change in the previous scene is that I want to mutate only the contents of the trucked in camera, and transform/transition into other shapes, which feels like it might really complicate the already complicated scene)

Do any of you Storyboard Pro Pros have better ways to accomplish this?

With Appreciation,
Abe Becker