Best method? IK (inverse kinematics) or duplicate legs. Want to use deformation tools.

I’m in the early stages of rigging a character for a project and it’s been a while (about a year), but I seem to remember hearing a discussion that IK rigging is rarely used in Harmony now, and that there’s a better method.
In fact, I seem to recall hearing this even from a ToonBoom support agent over the phone when we were discussing a problem with a rig.

If IK is not the preferred method, or ‘best’ method for that matter, what IS the best method for having a character standing on the ground with feet firmly planted, so as to avoid having their feet slide all over the place and trying to constantly counter-animate the feet?

I’ll be animating the character in a wide shot; she’ll be hopping and dancing around, and you’ll see her full body, so I’ll need the feet to land on the ground and “stick” at times.

Can someone point me towards a tutorial or documentation that shows the best rig setup for a character that also will need to use deformation? (my understanding is that you can’t use deformation tools if you have an IK rig, correct?)


This sort of animation is what IK ia all about. Harmony can’t do IK on deformers, and it certainly doesn’t have a BETTER method. It has a workaround, which is to duplicate the drawing and reverse the deformer. It works, but by no stretch of the imagination is it better than IK.
I switched from Harmony to Moho pro 12 (formerly Anime Studio Pro) for cutout animation. It simply is better suited for cutout rigs, and no IK on deformers was one of many reasons I switched.
The sort of animation you describe would be a walk in the park in Moho pro 12, easy to rig, simple to animate using target bones and IK, rock solid with absolutely no foot sliding.

Perhaps one solution with the deformers is to set up two distinct deformation chains on two drawings inside the same drawing layer.

For example, you have a leg drawing layer. Inside it, two identical drawings. One will have a deformation starting from the thigh, another will be starting from the ankle or foot to the thigh.

You can find out more about adding multiple deformation chains in here: