Best learning resource for Harmony?

I am new to Toon Boom Harmony. I haven’t downloaded it yet…that new. What would be a really good tutorial resource for me to learn the program? A bonus if there is someone I can ask questions…even pay for answers. What I am after…creating a five scene animation with two characters. I have a live action scripted web series and want to turn the characters into animated characters.

If anybody has thoughts about, or resources for turning real people into drawn vector characters that would be great as well…?

Any help finding the best resources would be awesome!!!

Hi Xavier,

I believe our Portal is amazing and provide a wide range of material, also it’s free that is very important to see . You have after access to some courses.

I always recommend bookmarking that will give you access to a quick search of different features and availability depending on your version of Harmony.

You can also join us on Discord at that is our community and you can meet other users and ask questions expose concerns. .

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Is there any opportunity to learn as an online course

Many people have had Disney dreams only to be totally discouraged. Don’t try to do this relatively large project as your first effort. Do a bunch of short, small and basic stuff and do that aiming to do it well.

Start here:

Ditto to the previous comment. A few more resources. While I love Stylus Rumble her tutorials often assume you have a fairly significant working knowledge of things plus just about everything she does is with Harmony Premium, which most beginners do not have. A better place to perhaps start is with Tony Teach

Tony’s instruction is geared almost all the time to all of the Harmony packages from Express to Premium.

A few other good sites are Jon Taylor’s site

And Frank Summers site

In addition ToonBoom actually has some adequate tutorials to get you started. Go to their learning page on their website

Also as the previous comments mentioned you really need to walk before you run. Seriously… you should spend significant amounts of time just trying to get a bouncing ball correct. Move up to a swinging pendulum and some other simple rigs before getting into full blown character animation. I love animation and teach at a local community college but no one starts by making a Pixar movie short. They start with bouncing balls. Looking at LOTS and LOTS of reference videos of things moving. Get an understanding of the basic principles of animation. There are some excellent references to get you started. Some of them are:

The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams (

The Illusion of Life (

Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair (

Good luck and most import of all, have fun. Animation is the bomb. I love doing it and teaching it but it is work and you need a passion for it.

Thank you so much for your responses…and links. I will jump in and see what I can do.

rimcrazyph- is there a way to talk to you personally on the phone?

Thank you!

pluralsight (formerly digital tutors) has a decent set of pretty thorough training courses on harmony, but it looks like they haven’t had any new ones since 2015 (there was one added in 2016) which is unfortunate. they have one where the instructor painstakingly steps through each and every node effect with examples, etc. wish they’d “reboot” the series and cover all the new stuff since 2015!

I subscribed to Digital Tutors which is now Pluralsight for probably close to 7 or 8 years now. I lost count. Since Pluralsight took them over they have virtually stopped all tutorials on media arts. They just released a few tutorials on Maya 2019 but that is the only thing and my expectation is we won’t see anything new. I actually wrote to someone there and asked if they plan on making any more tutorials on media arts. I was answered by them basically saying no. While the tutorials they have are not bad you would probably be better off putting your money in LinkedIn Training (What use to be They have quite a few tutorials by Dermot O’ Connor. He is pretty awesome and really understands 2D animation both traditional and tradigital.

Again, as I mentioned there are lots of free sites that are quite good on YouTube and Vimeo. Remember Google is your friend. :wink:

PS - Relative to contacting me by phone, well, this forum does not support private messaging and I’m not about to post my phone number or email on a public forum so I’d have to say no unless you live in Phoenix Arizona. I teach at Phoenix College and you could sign up for one of my classes, Art184(, Art284, Art185 or Art245. That is the best I can do.

Best tutorial on YouTube, check on Part 2 as well