Best frame rate for animation to DVD?

What is the best frame rate for an animation sequence intended for DVD?

Is it essential to set the frame rate at the beginning of the project?

Please help and/or provide links to further documentation.


I have a short scene I created of a character walking through the limpa living room sample file. The test SWF file is always sluggish no matter what frame rate I choose, yet when I delete the quicktime movie (fireworks) layer from the scene, the SWF file plays much faster. Guess I’ll have to do some more testing.

24 Fps is the standard.
That’s what we use at work and it’s for HD tv and dvds.

SWF files have to load the information for each layer each time that the frame displays, which is why things like bitmap files or movie sequences will slow down the playback of a scene that is output to swf. Especially if you’re outputting to DVD then you’re better off exporting to Quicktime.

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