Best exporting options for fixing "strobing" line look.

Hope this makes sense.

I have a drawing of a character with a bright/hot skin color and black outlines. When exporting with Avid DNxHD 175 codec the result is a character with line art that appears to be wiggly and if moving or a camera move is in place the line art appears to be"strobing".
Can’t exactly change the skin color since it’s a design already approved and asked for.

I’m looking for options on the best codec/settings to use. Needs to be 1920x1080 working with Avid. I can use Apple ProRes if it comes down to it but would have to be converted.

Line strobing happens when the line is very thin and is contrasting in colour
with its surroundings. It may help to avoid this issue by placing a slight blur
effect on the line art (or thickening it or reducing the contrast).

Strobing can happen also if a line moves too much for the persistence of vision
effect to blend drawings to give the appearance of movement. In this situation,
slow-down the movement (if possible) or add a directional blur.

The codec will likely not make much of a difference but the ProRes codec will
be better than anything Quicktime brings to the table.