Best Display Tablet Under 400 That Works With Toon Boom?

Hope this is in the right place as this is my first time using the forums.

I’m getting into Toon Boom from Flash, mostly using mouse. I’ve been sparsely using an old Wacom Bamboo Capture that’s WAY too small for over 10 years.

Time for an upgrade!

I read the best for animators is a tablet with a display screen so I’ve been looking into those but I’m on a budget so the Cintique ones are too expensive. Been looking at XP Pen or Huion or Artisol.

If anyone has any advice on a good tablet that will also work with Toon Boom pressure sensitivity and stuff, please let me know asap as I will be buying within this week probably!

Preferably under 400, definitely bigger than 11 in display but maybe even bigger, hot key buttons, generally just a tablet that someone knows is great and works with the program.

Thanks so much!

I have been using XP pen and it works. Though I have to press firmly to get thicker lines. Must be something in the settings for the pen (didn’t look at it yet).