best computer

I am using toon boom studio at the moment. I have windows xp with 2gb ram but my computer becomes very slow even wen i make 2/3 scenes, especially wen i use bone tool. I am really struggling to even make 2 minutes video with my computer. I am interested in making atleast 15 videos at one time…plz let me know which is the best computer for 2d and 3d animation. is mac pro the best!! i am a real noob with computers, plz specify so that i can ask with salesperson on wat i m exactly looking for!!! ???

When purchasing a new computer, show the vendor the system requirements:

Let them know that you need a graphic card that handles OpenGL for 2D animation software but that also works well for 3D software.

Some users swear by Mac and others by Windows. It is up to you to find your preference by discussing with your computer specialist.