Best computer setup for Animate Pro 3?

Hi there!

I’ve just bought Animate Pro 3 (huzzah! :smiley: ) and I’m planning on building a new PC to go with it (my current is an ancient laptop that likes to shock people through the keyboard), but I’m wondering what hardware setup would best support the software.

For example, is it worth getting a quad/hexa-core processor or would I be better off with a higher clocked dual-core? And does Pro 3 make the most of all cores all the time or just for rendering/encoding?

Is it more important to have a powerful CPU or GPU? And will I benefit most from investing in more graphics RAM or more system RAM?

Are there any particular parts/brands that can be strongly recommended?

Basically anything you can tell me to help inform my decisions would be gratefully appreciated - I’ve never built a PC before and I’m on a budget so every tidbit helps. Haha.


edit: Oh yeah! I’ve seen some posts here about more or less this, but they were all a bit dated and pre-date Animate 3. If this has been covered already and I missed it though, I do apologise and a link would be lovely!
Cheers :slight_smile:

I’d recommend getting a Solid State drive, in terms of animator life you want to be jumping on your PC when the inspiration takes you and getting into your programs as quick as possible. A solid state drive complements this nicely by having quicker read/write times which means you’ll be going from powering your system up to getting into toonboom in orders of magnitude lower time.