Best computer or tablet for toon boom

Hi, my son would like to get tune boom. We were going to buy him a computer and I was wondering if you can suggest which computers or tablet or a best fortune boom I was thinking a laptop but I’m not sure what is best to use with this program, if someone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated, thank you

To get you started, there are probably hundreds of models to choose from.

If he does not specifically need the portability of a laptop you will get more bang for your buck in a desktop and you can customize some models to a certain extent.

Look at the minimum specs listed for the software then start looking at computers that meet those specs.

Windows or Mac OS X? You can get into a Windows system for much less of an investment.

I use Mac. If you want a Mac, consider starting with an iMac. You cannot add RAM later like you once could being that the RAM is soldered in at the factory now and you cannot upgrade the graphics cards later either so buy one with the maximum amount of RAM. You will not be able to get a high end graphics card unless you choose a top tier Mac Pro model. For a beginner the mid-range should be enough. If getting a laptop the Macbook Pros have better graphics cards. He will be limited to a 15" screen at best but a sharp retina screen is available. If you have the budget, using a Macbook Pro with a 12" iPad Pro as a drawing device allowing him to draw directly on the art helps make up for the smaller screen of a laptop.

You mentioned tablets, I imagine you mean drawing tablets as opposed to tablet computers. Just in case you do not know Harmony does not run on any tablet computer operating system however you can use an iPad Pro like a Cintiq in conjunction with a computer. For a drawing tablet any Wacom is recommended.

Save some money by considering Apple’s refurbished inventory. Stock changes frequently so check daily. They are thoroughly repaired, tested and eligible for the same warranties as a new Mac. I have purchased several refurbished products and they have consistently performed as a brand new item.

Sorry I do not have more to offer regarding Windows systems.

When ready ask Support for their opinion of your target system

With regards to PCs for toon blast I’d say that the most vital part of your PC is the illustrations card we interface truly well with NVidia especially the geforce line ATI would likewise be another great organization next most essential thing is presumably your processor i’d say in a perfect world you’d have a quad center PC I utilize a double center on my portable PC and it runs the product fine and dandy yet for render it can be somewhat ease back to exploit multi threading attempt to go for a quad center or above. Ansel Elgort Baby Jacket