Being denied Center of Excellence perpetual license despite eligibility through my school.

I attend SCAD University which is one of the listed campuses in Toon Boom’s “Center of Excellence” programs which is supposed to give students access to perpetual licenses to their products. I’ve been a registered member with my school’s email address for 2 years, yet for some reason, as of a week ago, my account has no information regarding my desktop subscription. It says that I have no current downloads or desktop subscriptions and saying that my access to the Center of Excellence benefits have been denied even though A.) I am still a student at SCAD University, and B.) I am using a valid email address through my school for my account.

I am not sure what the issue is and I would like for this problem to be solved as soon as possible because it is finals week and I would like my software to be working from my home computer for my last quarter.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure someone in the forums can help you on that issue. Have you tried contacting the responsible in your University? If there’s any issue they should solve it with Toon Boom. On the website it’s mentioned a “desktop subscription for students” (not a “perpetual” one), which I assume would mean the subscription ends when you stop being a student. But if you’re still a student you should be able to have access to your subscription.