Beginning Tutorial

I just purchased ToonBoom Studio 4 and downloaded the PDF and sample files. When I begin the Drawing Rough tutorial I get the error message :The file character-1 is related to a drawing and could not be found. the file name may have been moved, renamed or deleted. After I get past this message there is no roughold-man in the exposure sheet to work with. I have tried re-downloading everything to no avail. any help?


This is usually related to the fact you did not unpackaged the tutorials properly (maybe you did not unzip them). Try downloading the tutorials again then open the package and drag the folder directly on your desktop.

From there go in the folder structure access the Lesson you want then go to the Rough folder and open up the FILE_Rough.tbp file. Be aware that if you go in the Scene subfolder all the files you may find in there won’t be able to open up with the software since those are not actual project but rather scene assets.