Beginner tutorial help needed for creating a running figure

Beginner tutorial help needed for creating a running figure


I’m a complete newbie to Toon Boom Studio, I’ve never worked in anything similar.

On the plus side, I can clearly see that the app can create some really impressive results, on the down side, I’m finding it much more complicated to get going than I had ever envisaged. I’m really struggling.

I have a character that I have already created in Adobe Illustrator. He’s drawn at a 3/4 angle facing right of screen. I’ve cut him into sections which sit in different layers on the .ai file.

What I am wanting to do is somehow import him into Toon Boom and have him running using the robot skeleton. But it’s proving much more complicated than I anticipated. I can’t get my head round any of it! Even the UI is all a bit daunting and baffling.

Has anyone got any good links to tutorials that might get me up and running (no pun intended)? I’ve looked around but can’t find anything that covers it, certainly not in simple terms that I could readily understand.


May I suggest starting with basics instead of wanting something you designed animated? You will struggle placing the cart before the horse. For now set aside your plans for down the road. Concentrate on a general working knowledge of animation with Toon Boom software. Watch every tutorial available on YouTube. Read the User Guide. Do all of the exercises out there. Create a bouncing ball animation. Get some basic experience under your belt. You will be much better off.

Otherwise it is pushing a lumpy rock up a mudslide.

Here is a thread with links to general information: