Beginner question on scene layout!

Hi there! So I am basically a complete newcomer to Toonboom Harmony, but not a newcomer to animation. I’ve been using After Effects and Photoshop for a long while now, but was have been really intrigued by the drawing and rigging tools of Harmony for awhile so I’ve been giving it a spin!

So my question is this: if I’m working in AE, I usually import my audio and separate scenes out into different comps, keeping the associated audio in tact there, but having everything self-contained in the same project. How does this work in Harmony? I think it looks like you need to have a separate project file for each scene, but then how do you handle cutting up the audio/shifting timing around in a reasonable manner?

Basically I’m wondering how to handle multiple shots in one scene if that makes sense! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!!

The link provided by Lilly Vogelesang is fairly old - Harmony wasn’t born yet -
But still provides some inside how to handle larger/multiple projects.

To handle multiple shots in one scene save them as template into your library for reuse.

In addition to these links Dansayshi, I would guide you towards our Discord channel ( and our learning page (