Beginner question on peg


I’m really new at trying Toon Boom studio… It seems great, but I still have a lot to learn.

After trying something simple for a couple of hours without succes, here is my question:

My Peg on a cut-out character is not centered on her. How can I move (re-position) the Peg position relative to the character? (I don’t want the character to move at that point.)

Thank you very much!


The red circle is oriented to the center of the grid as defined in drawing view. Your character must have been created off center relative to the drawing view grid and this causes the peg to appear offset from your character in camera view. This is not significant. Just position your character where you want them to start moving and finish moving because all motion on the peg is just relative so your characters movement will be from its starting location to its ending location as you define them and the red circle doesn’t effect that. If in the future, you want to have the red circle of the peg aligned to your character just make sure that you construct or draw the character centered on the grid in drawing view before you position it in the scene in camera view. -JK

Thank you for the answer…

It is slightly inconvenient, but as you say, it works anyway.

I’ll know better next time I draw a chartacter.

Thank you!

- Bromptonville

Alright, I have tried to figure this out also. I am having the same problem I believe, The green line representing my character is about an inch away from the red circle in the “top view.” In the drawing view, my character is centered, but the problem is still there. Any more help for me? Thanks.