Beginner: Flip Boom All-Star vs. Toon Boom Studio

I am an inspiring animator and I want to get my feet wet with animation.

As a beginner, I have been debating to which animation software to get:
Flip Boom All-Star or Toon Boom Studio.

Flip Boom All-Star looks simple to get too, but it doesn’t have all the tools Toon Boom Studio has.

Toon Boom Studio looks like a great package to grow into, but it the interface looks unfriendly for beginners.

Toon Boom Studio seems to have more support and documentation than Flip Boom.

I plan to use my PC tablet for animation and I looks the Toon Boom Studio interface doesn’t look like it was design for a tablet.

I am happy to get any feedback as to which animation package to get.

TBS would allow you to do more advanced animation as you mentioned.

To learn quickly, you can follow the integrated F1 manual and look at our How To section:

Also helpful is this online site:

Please check if your computer is compatible with the Toon Boom Studio requirements:

I did more research and learned about Toon Boom Animate.

The best thing is the Toon Boom Animate Learning Edition is free!

What are the advantage and disadvantage with Toon Boom Animate compared to Toon Boom Studio?