Beep Edge - Animation Project

Hello everyone!

My name is André Martinez and I am currently a Colombian Student under the NSDI Animation Software (Naska Digital - Colombia) learning to work on ToonBoom Harmony and developing a small short film called “Beep Edge”. I just wanted to share my work with the ToonBoom Community here, get feedback and learn from the people who has far better more experience than me working on this amazing software.

So far I am working on the Animatic & Rough Animation before moving into the Clean Up and post production aspect of the animation, I already have define the story for the main character and the antagonist through a small script since this going to be a around 60sec to 90sec perhaps, for the teaser showcase starting!

Hope you guys enjoy it I will try to keep this post update alongside with my Twitter and Facebook Account showing up the work in progress.

Kind regards,