Beaver Cola: Toon Boom Animate DVD

Hey Campers, Pre-Order a Behind-the-Scenes Animation DVD made for Animators!!

My name is Tony Ross, owner and creator of and I’d like to submit for your consideration a tutorial DVD. It is simply called “Anatomy of a 30-second Short – Creating Animation from Concept to Finish.” or aka Beaver Cola. Over 3 hours of Toon Boom Animate instruction, and behind the scenes that get into the very crux of "Beaver Cola."

We are currently funding on Indie GoGo with only 5 days to go!!

You can pre-order the DVD for as low as $15, or even get a Beaver Cola t-shirt!!


Hey ToonBoomers, we only have 12 HOURS left, & just need 10 more people to get t-shirts, and we’ll make our goal. Please help if you still can. Thanks Tony

You can pre-order the DVD for as low as $15, or even get a Beaver Cola t-shirt/DVD Combo for $35!!


Were you ever able to finish that project? ???

Hey InfoCentral,
We are finishing up production this week, and the DVD is coming out on April 16th. To date, we have raised about $960 towards it’s production & promotion. The deadline I mentioned was when our project was funding on Indie GoGo. Since the Indie GoGo page is now closed, we have moved our funding page to where we are still accepting donations, and people can still pre-order the DVD at a discount before its release.

Hope this Helps,
Tony Ross, :slight_smile:

Nice, just pre-ordered it so there is another $5 going to the project.

Here is an excerpt from the tonyteach DVD Anatomy of a 30second Short aka Beaver Cola, reserve your copy now at The DVD features the Toon Boom Animation software “Animate.” This clip shows the voice recording, concept art, and drawing and animating in Toon Boom Animate.

3 days to go…the pressure is on! :stuck_out_tongue:

@InfoCentral, lol yes… yes it is :wink:

It’s a pretty ambitious project, and a lot of info will be in it. Just doing a short is one thing that’s challenging on it’s own – showing BTS and tutorials on how each shot was done/made adds another layer of challenges. But I think it’s something that is needed, and therefore worth the hours.

Thanks so much for your support :slight_smile:
Tony Ross,

Today is the big day! The tux is rented and I am waiting to see the premier opening…

LOL, Yes TODAY IS IT! We release at 9PM PST.

Just finishing up, and keeping the attic squirrels at bay (not joking, they are inside my vents… I’ve seen their claws).

Thanks Tony

UPDATE: Animal Control to date has caught 3 squirrels, and we are back at work in the office. Our new Premiere & Release date is this Friday, April 20.

Thanks Again

How many Beavers have they caught so far…

I see things are progressing well at Beaver Headquarters… :wink:

Just started downloading and going through the stuff this morning, wow, it’s a lot of stuff! Thanks for putting this awesome stuff together!

Thanks Tony! WOW…I hope this will all fit on 2 DVDs. Finished downloading all the files last night and watched the finished commercial first. Got up this morning and watched the intro so now I have a good idea of how to use this training. Do you have any suggested order to go through them? Great job and keep them coming… :wink:

Hey InfoCentral,
Is there any order to follow? … well… Nope, there is no order to Beaver Cola, I suggest you pick and choose what to watch. There are a few sections the are straight forward, SOUND (for example), or any folder where the movies are numbered. Other wise, we (I) worked on this to be very non-linier if you will.
Now, the folder “FINALS” is a short synopsis of what was done coming up to the deadline, but in contrast, my conversations with Lamont Russ in the concept section were recorded a few days before we finished the project.

Now, that being said, this is the order everything is on the DVD:

01. Beaver Cola Intro (3:04)
02. Concepts & Sketches (47:00 ttl)
03. Animatics (33:00 ttl)
04. Voice & Sound (48:00 ttl)
05. Backgrounds (101:00 ttl)
06. Drawing in Toon Boom (73:00 ttl)
07. Characters (120:00)
08. Beaver Walk (49:00)
09. Finals (113:00)
10. Cheats, Swatches & Exporting (19:00)

If you do like more structure, check out Wine Thief, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony

:), You’re welcome! Actually, in total it’s about 3GBs of info, and well over 8hours of video. For this reason we went with a DVD-ROM format, vs a DVD for your DVD player. All of that is to say, Beaver Cola is on a single DVD.

One of my talents is video compression… shameless plug, and tonyteach does have a DVD coming out showing a lot of my tricks, Simple Online Video.
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WOW!!! Its hard to believe you can download all that with $5 :o

Our commercial from our DVD, Anatomy of a 30sec Short aka Beaver Cola is DONE!

This is the final version of the Beaver Cola spot from the animation tutorial DVD, Anatomy of a 30sec Short. The DVD features over 7 hours of instruction using Toon Boom Animate.

Beaver Cola is a fictitious company that gets the primary ingredient for their cola from the “business end” of a beaver.

Yeah, I picked that up already along with the Forward Walk Cycle tutorial. Thanks… :wink: