Batch scan in Harmony Standalone

Hi everybody, was wondering if anybody knows if you can batch scan in Standalone. I know you can in Networked, wasn’t sure if that was a selling point for that version over Standalone.

You cannot batch scan as such in the Standalone version (or offline mode for the database version) because the batch process is tied to the database and runs a separate process that talks to the database.

Remember also that batch scanning and vectorizing is a resource intensive process that would greatly reduce the performance of the system while batch processing is active. For this reason, most studios set up a separate render farm to do it so as not to impact the performance of animator workstations while this is happening.

Understood, we have a very small team and scanning isn’t required that often. We have 2 database licenses and several standalones. I’m starting to wonder how useful the DB versions are to us if we’re only scanning a handful of times per year. Thanks for the response, would love to hear any other insights you have on it!


Using the database version is form more than batch scanning although this is not to be underestimated itself, especially if you’re doing traditional animation. Scanning images one at a time is mind-numbingly tedious.

The database is really primarily designed to facilitate collaborative workflows. Yes, you can save stuff to the template and send zipped templates between team members but using the database version if both faster and less complex to manage. Batch rendering is just icing on the cake. I had even set up my home version in database mode just so that I could send a few scenes to consecutively batch render over the weekend while I was away.

Another benefit to the database is that you can store projects on a centralized server/file server and that the projects will be organized in a way that they are easy to find. Again, this can be done without a database but would require extra effort and discipline.

Remember also that just because you have a database set up, you can still open Stage in offline mode anytime you wish to work this way. Ultimately though it will be your decision if using the database in your particular situation is worth it or if it makes more sense to work in the standalone version.