I have just started to attempt to use TBS.
What I would like to start with is as follows,
Having imported an Image from the TBS Library I want to show the complete Image moving through a number of Frames. So that it does not move out of Camera View and also and also into a Second Scene.
Help would be much appreciated.

Paul D.

what do you mean by ‘moving’?
you can drop your image element onto a peg and then edit the peg properties.
you can see the moving image after you export the whole film, but not in the animation preview before that.

Thank you Rob,
For your reply and sorry for delay in my reponse. I have subsequently learned the answer to my problem, ie by moving i meant that the Image left the the camera view as I moved the Timeline. i now know that that i needed to go to exposure view, select Image(Element) and then drag my mouse to create extra frames on the Timeline.

Yours Paul D.

i suppose you’ve misunderstood this issue. he’s referring to the background images, not to the vector drawings you can draw in tbs and edit.