Basic Walking Scene (Flinstones Style)


I’m trying to do just the simplest of scenes, where the character walks in place while the background scrolls and repeats. You know, you see the same window or chair go by every 5 seconds.

What’s the best way to do this? Is there a tutorial that covers this?


I did this once with two guys riding their choppers in the desert. After dessert. Just kidding.

But what I did was have a cycle for each rider showing the wheels spinning and some secondary action with their clothes and beards, then pan some background elements in the background using looping pegs. I also put the two bikers on their own pegs so they could do a little bit of speed contest and eventually ride out of the picture.

Well, I presume there’re many ways to do this…

Rob is showing here a very nice example.

Another very simple possibility would be to create a huge circle (grass) -
plant some trees around the perimeter, even put some clouds and a sky up.
Or use any other “Props” you like.

Create a hierarchy - that when you rotate the circle that all the trees, clouds
or whatever you use move with it.

you can animate the speed of the rotation to your needs -
slowly for walking - faster for running - in any direction.


Sounds like an interesting way to achieve it Nolan - I’m going to try that one out myself!
I remember a while ago I too thought about the same question. At the time (when it was all very new and confusing :slight_smile: ) I came up with one option which I posted in the Scene planning section: < repeating movement of background >
As you say, many ways - I like your idea though. Wouldn’t this subject would make a good TuT? It is pretty fundimental.

added later…

I was trying to remember a post, made by awais, which I remembered as showing great use of background/foreground movement. It was ‘Arj and Poopy’ “wow i love it” (20060915). A tutorial or some insite (article?) into how this was pieced together would be nice.

Hi guys,

Funny we were actually planning on making our next online article about this subject. I thought of using the circle method a while ago but I wasn’t too successful. I will give it another try.

Rob’s method is probably the simplest and will be the focus of the article but I would love to include some other ways to achieve this.


Here is a very simplified version of the “circle-method”, just to show the basic idea.
One could of course still increase the size of the circle to give the impression
of a more “flat” landscape, or create some hills and valleys.

Anyway, here is the Template “Walking along Trees”
if you like you can download from my iDisk:

Be aware, after you dragged the template from your library into the timeline,
you might see only green.

Go to your “Camera List” and from the drop-down choose “Camera walking” -
that will switch to the camera I used for the scene.


sorry i cannot view ur template in toon boom studio v3 :frowning:

Well, this project was created with V 3.5 and I presume there is no backwards compatibility
to older versions.
I am very sorry, maybe you might like to try it with the demo-version of 3.5.1.