Basic Rigging Help Please


Can someone help me figure this out, basically what I want to have happen is for all three of the arm pieces to move together and for the deformations I’ve attached to the arm segments to follow along with the arm. Attached are some photos of what’s going wrong, please excuse the crudely made arm I’m just trying to understand the basics. I also included my node view, fairly certain it has to do with how I put my nodes together but if anyone can help me out that would be super, thanks.

Build your arm in hierarchical order.
Hand child of lower arm, lower arm child of upper arm…etc.
Select your whole hierarchy, then apply your Curve- or Bone-Deformation-Chain…

Here is a simple example of a character “Bone-Deformation-Mode” setup:
The same would apply using “Curve-Mode” instead.

Thanks for the help, I was able to link up the arm and have all the pieces follow along. However, still having problems getting the deformers to tag along. Is it just an issue of which node I’m animating on?

Include new screen shots of your hierarchy (please make it bigger than the last one, could barely see it)… But I’m curious why you have two bone deformers? It looks like you’re trying to build an arm, so in reality all you need is one. Have you attempted any of the tutorials available here as well as on YouTube? It might help you better understand hierarchy as well as deformations.