Basic question - colours painting over the lines?

Hello there,

I have recently migrated to Toon Boom Studio 7.1 after aminating using various non-vector programs for many years. I’ve run into a rather basic painint/colouring problem which i hope you may have a solution to.

Basically, as with the attached screenshots, I draw my lines on a layer. Then I create a separate layer for colour underneath that layer. But when colouring on my colour layer, everything goes over the lines and looks incredibly messy (apologies for the poor description - it’s easier to see in the attached pic). When I click back on my lines layer, the lines appear again and everything looks neat.

Essentially, I need a way of keeping the lines layer “turned on” or “visible” when I am working on my colour layer. As soon as I click on my colour layer, Toon Boom decides to only display that one layer, which is fairly useless to me as I really quite badly need to see my lines layer as I’m working.

On other programs which I’ve used up to now, the layers above the layer you are drawing on remain visible as you work unless you switch them off. So this is quite a shock to me and is slowing my work process down quite badly.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Paul J.

Also, sorry for the image. It won’t attach and I’m getting an error message.
Hopefully this will display:

I’m not quite sure why you aren’t making the lines and fills in the same layer but if you are working this way, turning on the “auto light table” should allow you to see the line art and color art at the same time.