basic operation...

Just bought the Studio 5 today, and have an easy (I’m sure) question.

I read some of the tutorials on the web and I understand a few basics. What I’m trying to do is make a blue sky with a sun setting frame by frame.

What I did was draw the sky and the sun in frame one, and then >select all, copy. Then I would go to a blank cell and paste the sky in and then redraw the sun in a lower location in the skyline.

Now, as you would imagine, the sun isn’t the same size in the second frame as the first because I have to keep redrawing it, and the ‘arc’ cell that I drew (so I could track the sun’s movement- with onion skin enabled) is invisible because of the blue of the sky.

I’m guessing that there must be an easier way to do this!

Hope to solve this soon.


If you want animate a sun that´s moving on the sky, why not draw the sun separate to the sky, in other drawing element? Atach the sun element in a peg and use the keyframe method.
Elementary explanation:
1- Create a drawing element (BG) containing the sky.
2- Create a drawing element (sun) containing only the sun.
3- Create a peg element, and hook to it the sun element.
4- Re-order layers: the sun with peg on top, the sky below. (basic)
First, extend the elements exposure to cover the time action in timeline.
To move the sun, you can use the transform tool, dragging in camera view the sun selected, to the first frame position keyframe 1 (I) to the last frame exposed. Create a new keyframe (I) in a middle point of the trajectory, and drag the sun to the new (high in the sky) position, for example. If the trajectory should be curved, modify the tension of the middle keyframe. Select the keyframe and change the tension in properties panel.
And basically, you can view your sun crossing the sky.
Then, you can add more adjustments, as swapping cells and control points.
Now, if you wants animate in traditional mode, you can draw first only in contours without fill zones with colours and apply onion skin.